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On Ma gold granite material rust treatment

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   Ma gold granite structure is dense, hard, acid and alkali resistance, weather resistance, long-term use in the outdoor. If rust appears gold hemp how to solve?

   1, to avoid using an acidic cleaning detergent directly stone surface rust, Ma gold granite because some acid cleaner is simply the rust oxidation-reduction, reduction of the oxidized iron ions remain instability, it is easy to in the air oxidation reaction of water and oxygen to regenerate rust, gold Ma with acidic solution and will further expand the rust area flowing. Ma gold granite which is why when using acid cleaners rust rust will be more in addition to the more reason.

    2, the choice of herbicides, the gold will certainly opt for Ma granite reputation and good quality manufacturers. Good rust agent other than the component except the acid, but also with the amount of additive added to maintain the oxidation-reduction reaction of iron ions stability. Gold Hemp Granite treated using this Rust rust treatment is not to defend, its effect can be maintained for a long time.

   3, due to the formation of marble and granite is not the same basic chemical composition, is mainly composed of calcium carbonate, alkaline; granite main component is silicon dioxide, acidic. So when selecting herbicides, gold will certainly have to distinguish between hemp granite marble and granite Rust rust remover, rust remover should NEVER be used granite marble marble Rust rust treatment can not be used for granite rust treatment.

   4, the stone surface rust treatment, Ma gold granite simply herbicides applied to the stone surface evenly brushing can. Ma gold granite surface grinding and polishing can also be used a method for processing; deep processing of rust relatively complex, the amount required will certainly and reaction time, and sometimes need to be reused.

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