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Place a Curio Cabinet

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Curio cabinets are designed to highlight your collections. Known as curiosity cabinets when popularized in the 1600s, they come in a variety of sizes and styles. Many are works of art in and of themselves. How you place the cabinet depends on whether you want the piece to be a focal point in the room or an accent piece.

Instructions as follows:

Firstly, determine what kind of curio kitchen cabinet will work in your room. A large room for a large collection of items may require a full-sized cabinet. Smaller pieces include corner cabinets, half-round cabinets, wall-mounted cabinets and tabletop cabinets.

Secondly, select a corner curio cabinet if you need to save space in the room. Depending on where the room entry is, these can be accent pieces or focal points in a room.

Thirdly, half-round curio cabinets are elegant and modern. Select one of these if your décor is modern.

Fourthly, a console kitchen cabinet, which is about waist high, is ideal for a hallway, an entryway or a nook. You can hang a mirror on the wall over the cabinet for a classy look.

Fifthly, if you collect tiny items, like teacups or Limoge boxes, a wall-mounted curio cabinet would work well. These take up little space.

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