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Make Lights from Flower Pots

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Flower pot lights can be whimsical decorations for your interior or outdoor living spaces. You can make lights from metal, wood, plastic and terra cotta flower pots as long as you use the appropriate tool. Flower pot lights can become decorative patio or garden lighting that coordinates with your landscape or they can enhance a garden themed room. Cover the top with a large plate or planter saucer to create a lighted bird bath. Paint flower pots to complement the décor or leave them natural to fit the landscape.

Instructions as follows:

Firstly, drill 1/4-inch diameter holes around the circumference of the flower pot. Space the holes at least 1-inch apart in a random pattern. Adjust the brightness of the flower pot light by the amount of holes that you drill. More holes equal more light.

Secondly, turn the flower pot upside down. Glue four 1/2-inch diameter flat-backed glass stones to the bottom of the pot with clear, viscous craft glue. Do not cover the drainage hole. These stones will elevate the flower pot so that the electrical cord from the string lights can exit the flower pot.

Thirdly, glue a 1/2-inch diameter flat-backed stone over each 1/4-inch hole on the flower pot. A small strip of painter's tape can be used to hold the bead in place while the viscous craft glue dries. Wait at least 24 hours before completing the flower pot light for the glue to dry completely.

Fourthly, stand the flower pot upright. Insert a small strand of string lights inside the pot. Feed the electrical cord through the drainage hole. Tape the wire portions of the light strand to the inside of the pot with electrical tape.

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